Free Gift & Loyalty Cards

Free Gift & Loyalty Cards

Electronic Gift and Loyalty Cards were once exclusive to large chains and department stores but Gift & Loyalty Cards are now available to businesses of all sizes. They encourage brand loyalty and merchants receive money 'in advance' for gifts/merchandise that will be selected later.

Anyone familiar with gift certificates knows the limitations of that system – when the customer cashes one in, if they don’t use the full amount, you have to spot them the difference. With gift cards, the balance stays on the card for the customer to possibly use at a later date.

Meanwhile, Loyalty Cards track and store customer data to be accessed via an online reporting system, helping you learn more about your customers’ buying tendencies and spending habits. Gift and Loyalty Cards also act as miniature billboards in your customers' wallets, improving brand awareness and reminding customers to return to your location every time the card is taken out.

Gift and Loyalty Cards are the fastest growing form of non-cash payment in North America and we offers a comprehensive solution that can easily be added to your business.


ShurrCorp carries over 300 different 'stock' Gift Card templates. They can be ordered with a zero value or they can be loaded with fixed dollar amounts.

We have a variety of merchandising tools, including displays, card holders and posters, which help to promote your Gift and Loyalty Card selection to your customers. If you prefer to develop custom cards using artwork you provide, we can help you as well!


Gift and Loyalty Cards continue to increase in popularity and are excellent tools for improving customer satisfaction and increase repeat shopping. Research has shown that customers purchase between 25% and 500% more with Gift Cards than they do with paper certificates. Plus, when Gift Card customers make a purchase they tend to spend more than the value of the card. Gift Cards can even be used as a substitute for cash when issuing refunds!