Bank Partnership Program

Bank Partnership Program

Our Banking Affiliate Program enables your institution to present all business customers a state of the art, comprehensive package of financial services that is comprised of credit card, debit card, and check transaction processing. Your relationship with ShurrFinancial provides you with the ability to offer full-service merchant processing that is not only competitive, but is the benchmark in the industry. Over time your continuing fee based revenues, and your direct deposit accounts will increase, creating more and more loyal bank customers. The additional merchant services that you suggest to your customers create one more connection in the bank/customer relationship.

The Banking Affiliate Program provides a comprehensive offering. It includes customer service, terminal help desk, marketing materials, terminal programming, equipment deployment, merchant training, online transaction information, and referral updates, leaving all of your time to be focused upon your core business.

Our program is created as a no-risk, very low labor solution, where ShurrFinancial provides all the office support, encompassing credit underwriting and the sales professionals needed to establish new business. Your institution simply provides referrals of those customers looking to add merchant payment processing, and we send you your monthly checks.

Benefits of Banking Affiliate Referral Program:

  • The bank, or its employee, will receive a referral fee for each referred account that is approved and activated by ShurrFinancial.
  • Each month, you will receive a residual payment for your referred merchants’ payment processing, amplifying your earnings from the ongoing revenues.
  • We support virtually every industry type of merchant processing, including retail, restaurant, business-to-business, hotel, car rental, purchasing card, mail/telephone order (MOTO), and e-commerce.
  • Customer service and help desk available for your merchants 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Increase deposits by capitalizing on your strong brand recognition and branch circulation system.
  • Decrease costs and fully maximize your profit through ShurrFinancial sales expertise, experience, and full indemnity of risk – We assume all expenses, full merchant liability (including fraud and any chargeback’s) and operational implementation of all office support functions (customer services, help-desk, etc.)
  • Construct a mutually beneficial long term business relationship that will provide professional sales, service, products, branding, distribution, and pricing to your merchant businesses.
  • Access to the dedicated ShurrFinancial sales team that works branch referrals and cold calls on merchants in your current markets.
  • We will tender any banking core business referrals to your local offices free of charge.

Banking Affiliate Referral Program Process:

  • Our Fast Referral Form is faxed to our ShurrFinancial Referral Manager.
  • It usually takes 2 or 3 business days to set up an account. You generally receive an account update the same day.
  • A ShurrFinancial Account Executive determines the requirements to set up the account and completes the application process.
  • The Merchant receives our Welcome Kit and an installation call.
  • Enjoy one of the highest merchant approval rates in the industry with most applications approved within two or three business days.
  • We provide terminal training and full support for the customer.

How to Participate in our Banking Affiliate Referral Program

Simply contact your ShurrFinancial Account Executive, email us or contact us directly at 321-345-3674 to find out more about the program and start referring merchants. We are ready to start cutting your checks!