A Trusted Advisor is responsible for establishing a relationship, maintaining it and deepening it. A good relationship manager builds so much customer loyalty that the client always gives her the first shot at any new business--and, all else being close to equal, will ultimately award the new business to her because of that longstanding relationship.

There are no formal requirements for a Trusted Advisor.

All that is required is the ability to establish trust, a good rapport, and the ability to understand a client's needs and provide solutions. Although no formal qualifications are required, specific industry knowledge or experience is often necessary to successfully understand a client's needs and provide a fully customized solution. The position involves prospecting and networking with the local small business community. We offer over 32 Business Solutions.

Our organization is seeking people who love to sell face to face in a one-call close environment.

  • New Trainees qualify for a 90 day $25,000 high productivity bonus.
  • Top performing sales people are eligible for bonuses.
  • Bonuses are daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Outstanding Medical, Dental HMO, Disability and Vision insurance
  • Residual-type program which pays 30% per account for hardware/software sales plus 30% lifetime, vested residuals
  • Professional, ongoing weekly training and personal, one-on-one sales support.
  • Performance based compensation program of $55,000+
  • Lifetime Annuity Income
  • 401K
  • ESOP

A Trusted Advisor primary responsibility is to sell. The difference between a run-of-the-mill salesman and a Trusted Advisor is the length of the sales cycle and the ongoing nature of the relationship. Whereas a salesman looks to meet an immediate need, a Trusted Advisor looks to meet the immediate and long-term needs of a client.

The Trusted Advisor must be knowledgeable and present himself as a person who can provide solutions. Anyone can sell a television or a car, but it requires you to solve the complex and varied needs of clients who are planning for retirement, trying to manage their wealth or exploring options to sell their business. Due to the long-term nature of his needs, a client must be able to trust that his Trusted Advisor will always be there to take care of him and help him through any changes.

The Trusted Advisor is also different from a typical salesman due to the difference in power structure. A salesman is primarily hoping to make the sale. Though developing a long-term relationship would be beneficial, it is a secondary consideration. As a result, almost all of the power is with the buyer.

You provide a valuable intangible service because of her familiarity with the client's historical needs, as well as the solutions she has provided over the years that cause the power structure to be more balanced. The Trusted Advisor still must make the sale and continue the relationship, but the client cannot easily walk away and find a replacement without incurring hard and soft costs as a result of switching.

The position involves building a relationship as a Trusted Adviser. Alternative Loan Programs, Payroll, Advanced Funding and Business Profitability Solutions.

Preferred Qualifications:
Bi-lingual a plus
Experience in closing one-call deals preferred
The ability to network and cold call is also helpful (but not required)
Key responsibilities of this position include presenting products and services to merchants, closing deals via pre-set appointments, ensuring properly written contracts, and continuous contact with sales management. Successful Advisors in our organization cold call using our Economic Development surveys and Cold Calling. You should be adept at working referral business, and great at networking.
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