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Since 1997, ShurrFinancial, a division of ShurrCorp Inc., has been a trusted leader in Business Financing and Consulting. In that time, we have consistently helped clients in our merchant network overcome the obstacles of enduring competition, solitary income, declining income, and rising expenses.

We are direct lenders, and business loan advisors. Aside from our in-house funding abilities, we aggressively shop our robust platform of 50 top lenders to find the best possible funding solution for your business, and needs. We are pumping an obscene amount of capital into America's small businesses, as we have grown organically into America's one stop shop for smart and reliable small business loans, cash flow and working capital solutions. Our mission has always been to help people, grow businesses, and positively impact communities.

The economy is starting to move again, and businesses are slowly opening back up. There is no doubt about it, the Coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench into our economy. It is now business unusual in our new normal. Consistency and stability matter to a business in a time of chaos. What adds stability to a business? CASH FLOW!! Everything in business is uncertain right now, except for our ability to provide fast working capital and cash flow solutions to keep your business going strong.

2020 Data shows less than 60% of America’s small businesses are properly capitalized, which is why the number of closures from the Pandemic is catastrophic. We have the opposite problem; we’re overcapitalized and need to get capital out ASAP. We are aggressively and passionately funding small businesses across America. Loan and MCA Funding amounts $5000-$100,000,000, same day funding. Offers 2-3X higher than other lenders, with the lowest rates, and longest terms available.

Nothing has changed, and nothing will stop us from attaining our goal. Quite frankly, we are more focused on it now than ever before. Bottom line, we cannot make it any easier for you to access the capital your business needs to thrive and grow!

We do not shut down, we do not close, and we are always prepared to help you grow your business. Business has changed for everyone; but businesses that survive situations we are in now are those that are capitalized and able to adapt quickly.

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